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Diamante Montessori School Of Sacrmento

The purpose of Diamante Montessori School is to nurture and preserve each child’s natural curiosity for learning.  We provide an environment that allows the child to explore and learn at his/her own pace.  We encourage children to develop academic, physical, social and life skills in an environment of mutual respect.  Our belief is that children learn through active exploration and play and that self- esteem is built on mutual respect between us all, adults and children. Our commitment is to serve a community of families and children from diverse backgrounds.

Philosophy/Mission Statement

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“ Let us give the child a vision of the whole universe... for all things are part of the universe,

and are connected with each other to

form one whole unity.”

​                                                    -Maria Montessori

The Diamante Montessori School is a labor of love conceived from
the idea to offer a better choice in childcare. It is an education-rich,
safe, affordable choice for your child’s formative years. Our desire
is to provide a service to the community and share our teaching and
education skills, as well as giving your child a strong foundation. We
will continue to provide this service to the community as long as there
is a need for it. This is a home away from home for your child and a
loving, clean, safe environment for them to learn, play and grow.





1827 Markston Road Sacramento, CA 95825

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